What is Cellulite?


Cellulite is a structural issue within the skin caused by underlying connective tissue, called the fibrous septae, that tethers the skin to the deeper muscular tissue layer. This connective tissue results in a condition that is often described as dimples, cottage cheese, or having an “orange peel” texture, and can be mild, moderate, or severe in nature. Cellulite is often seen alongside other common conditions, like skin laxity, excess fat, and stretch marks, which can be treated with other technologies or lifestyle changes. However, if the underlying structural cause of cellulite is not properly treated, many women with low body fat or active lifestyles still see cellulite. The Cellfina® Treatment targets the true underlying cause of cellulite - fibrous septae - for smooth, long-lasting results.

Effective Cellulite Solution with Long-Lasting Restults

Cellfina® is the only US FDA-cleared and EU CE Mark certified minimally invasive procedure that treats the structural cause of cellulite with results that last at least three years.


Cellfina® is:


Minimally Invasive

An outpatient procedure offered by a qualified physician in an office setting with little discomfort or downtime.


Combines highly advanced, proprietary technology with a well-established procedure called Subcision® to treat the structural cause of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.

Long Lasting
Results last at least three years, with a 93% patient satisfaction rate.1,2


Happy Patients


Results can be seen in as little as three days, and last for at least three years.1,3 In a clinical study, Cellfina® patients reported 93% patient satisfaction at three years – surpassing the patient satisfaction rates of other leading cellulite treatments.2,3


1 Individual results may vary.

2 Satisfaction rates were evaluated separately and are not based on direct comparison among treatments.

3 Kaminer MS, Robinson D, Coleman WP 3rd, et al. Multicenter pivotal study of the safety and effectiveness of a tissue stabilized-guided subcision procedure for the treatment of cellulite: 3 year update. Abstract AAD Conference 2016.